About Chicnic

We are Pau and Jude, the duo behind Chicnic!  We met in LA 5 years ago, became instant friends! A huge part of our friendship was sharing pinterest posts of events and decor with each other, and talking about how we could have created something cooler. Little did we know, in a few years we would put our skills into practice. A shared passion for art and aesthetics, solidified our bond. We share a deep love for traveling and our encounters with different cultures have inspired us to create amazing spaces surrounded by beautiful things! 

We love spending time with the people we love in chic places and love the idea of hosting events in different places. Why stay stuck at home when you have nature? That is how Chicnic was born!


Paulina is a bellydancing pro, Stella Rosa Wine #1 fan and a lover of a good time and dinners filled with laughter. Born in Mexico to a big artistic family, her house was always filled with good music and tons of dancing. Her family loved to travel across the world and wherever they went she followed. Naturally she pursued a career in the arts and now focuses her time creating it. She finds beauty in every corner of the world and wants to share it so everyone can see what she sees. You may find her on her porch lost in a romance novel or cooped up in her house dancing to whatever song she is into at the moment.

P au

J ude

Jude is an Artist, declutter freak, creative genius and ice-cream extraordinaire. Born in Mexico City and living in LA, she received her Degree in Fine Arts and spends her time explaining to people what that means. Other interests include making zines, collages, getting lost in the flower market, traveling, and binging on literature.

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